Investment Advisors


Our expertise in asset allocation and portfolio construction makes Stairway Partners an ideal partner for financial advisors and other investment firms seeking to deliver a disciplined investment strategy with a proven track record.

As a sub-advisor, Stairway Partners can enhance the capabilities of independent registered investment advisors (RIAs), banks, and other investment organizations. In collaboration with each client firm, Stairway designs a suite of globally diversified balanced portfolio strategies that are customized to meet the return objectives of the firm’s end clients. These strategies are dynamically adjusted for shorter-term risks and return opportunities that are produced by moves in market prices.

Our investment process is guided by fundamentally-based valuation models, which produce explicit return estimates for all of the assets contained in our model portfolios. Stairway’s model portfolios can stand alone or they can be used to complement broader strategies, which may include non-traditional or client-specific investments. Stairway also provides market research and proprietary web-based tools to help advisors communicate with clients about current market conditions and the long-term risks and returns embedded in our model portfolio strategies.

Learn how Stairway Partners’ disciplined investment approach can enhance your advisory practice.

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