Institutional Investors


From policy development to portfolio reporting, the focus of our process is asset allocation, the primary driver of a portfolio’s risk and return.

At Stairway Partners, we have a long history of working with large institutional investors. Leveraging our experience in portfolio construction and risk management, we provide comprehensive portfolio management solutions to institutions seeking an efficient and cost-effective platform for managing their assets. 

Our services range from investment-only mandates where we are responsible for managing a portion of the client’s assets based on specific need, to delegated fiduciary services where we assume full responsibility for daily oversight and monitoring of the client’s investment portfolio.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Institutional clients rely on Stairway Partners to help them enhance their investment governance structure, streamline decision making, and create cost efficiencies. This in turn allows their governing boards to focus more time and resources on the issues that are central to their mission.

Comprehensive Analysis

Each engagement begins with a thorough evaluation of the client’s liabilities, spending needs and return objectives. Utilizing proprietary risk models, we work in partnership with our clients and their other advisors to develop an investment policy which offers a high probability of achieving their objectives.

Passively Managed Investments

Knowing that low costs and low turnover help investors keep more of their portfolio’s return over time, we implement portfolio strategies primarily with index-based passively managed investments. These instruments offer numerous advantages, including low fees, broad diversification, transparency, and liquidity.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Because market conditions change over time, we proactively manage portfolio asset allocation across the global capital markets, utilizing an investment process that is disciplined and grounded in fundamental analysis. Where significant risks or opportunities are identified, we adjust portfolio allocations within explicitly stated policy guidelines. The liquidity and structure of our portfolios allow us to make these important adjustments to the portfolio without great disruption or expense.

Transparent Performance Reporting

We provide our clients with timely and meaningful performance reporting. Portfolio returns, risk analysis, and a detailed attribution of the factors responsible for performance are available shortly after each month-end. Transparent performance reporting provides our institutional clients with the information necessary to determine the effectiveness of their overall portfolio strategy.

Learn more about how efficient and cost-effective portfolio management can put your institution on a sustainable path to the future.

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