Private Investors


Stairway Partners offers families and individual investors a cost-effective, institutional-quality solution for managing their financial assets.

We focus on asset allocation and risk management, working closely with each individual client to craft a comprehensive investment strategy that will best serve their financial needs. Each investment policy is clear and unambiguous, incorporating a long-term asset allocation policy mix and explicit guidelines. Importantly, the investment policy establishes a custom benchmark against which portfolio performance is measured.

Portfolios are separately managed and held at independent third-party custodians. Where appropriate, strategies are structured to be income-tax sensitive. We implement portfolio strategies primarily with passively managed ETFs and index funds that provide substantial diversification, cost, liquidity and income tax benefits. Streamlined reporting is provided on a monthly basis, which allows clients to effectively monitor their market risk, historical performance, and investment costs.

Let Stairway Partners help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

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